The visit lasted for an hour and a half, and children did not want to let their idols go. All three players have answered all questions; Yevgeny Katichev said that he wanted to be a cosmonaut when he was a child; Michael Garnett – a pilot; Deron said he would definitely choose a job of an actor.

The majority of questions were directed at players’ training sessions, debuts etc. as well as the upcoming Gagarin Cup playoffs. All three players said that a lot will depend on the goaltenders and defensive line.

Shortly after Michael, Deron and Yevgeny gave the awards for the best questions; Deron once again showed his sharp sense of humor when he gave an award to a young lady with red hair and said that he was always impressed with unusual hairdos and that he based this decision solely on the fact that this girl had her hair dyed in red.

The visit ended with an autograph session and multiple photo-ops; plus, in their turn, school’s management presented Quint, Garnett and Katichev with the souvenirs that would one day remind them of a little trip to childhood they once took.