Traktor beats Belye Medvedi in an exhibition match

Traktor dominated throughout the first period. Belye Medvedi created a handful of scoring chances at the hands Osnovin and Filippov; however, Garnett neutralized the threat on both exchanges. Traktor though scored twice; Yakutsenya and Antipov were the ‘perpetrators’.

Traktor scored three more goals during the second period; first Yakutsenya scored his second, then Karpov executed a beauty of a goal; later on Kostitsyn finally overcame his goal drought, even though it was an exhibition game.

The more experienced team that was Traktor twice put the names of their players on the scoreboard in the third period. Sixth and seventh goal of the game were scored by Lemtyugov and Glinkin respectively.

Stats and details

Traktor vs. Belye Medvedi – 7:0 (2:0, 3:0, 2:0)

Goals: Yakutsenya, 8 (1:0); Antipov (Kostitsyn), 14 (2:0);Yakutsenya (Panov), 29 (3:0); Karpov (Glinkin), 32 (4:0); Kostitsyn (Antipov, Popov), 36 (5:0);Lemtyugov (Bulis, Chistov), 52 (6:0); Glinkin (Karpov), 57 (7:0).

Quint – Ryabykin (A), Chistov – Bulis – Lemtyugov,
Belov – Vasilchenko, Panov (A) – Kontiola – Yakutsenya,
Katichev – Razin, Kostitsyn – Popov – Antipov (C),
Nesterov – Shinin, Karpov – Dugin – Glinkin.

Belye Medvedi
Fokin (Demchenko 40:00 – 60:00);
Borodkin – Smolin (A), Mokin (C) – Cherkasov – Mosharov (A),
Chistyakov – Petrov, Sevankayev – Osnovin – Filippov,
Lukin – Belousov, Ionin – Vanin – Voynov.

10, 2013. Traktor Arena, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Attendance – 2500.