Anton Glinkin. This season’s objectives are to be fulfilled on the ice and with Traktor

Discipline usually beats skill

Was this season’s start more difficult than the last one’s?

I guess not. We began the last season with a win, but then stumbled into a cold streak; fortunately, we were able to regroup. This season none of the leaders left the team, plus, we are now more experienced than we used to be. That being said, I believe this season’s start was easier.

Some suggest that, just like in NHL, KHL teams should have an 82-game regular season. What are your thoughts on this?

This will certainly make the season even harder. We have to try this to find out how this works out.

There have been a lot of penalty shootouts in recent matches. How would you explain this?

The level of teams is gradually evening out; plus, Traktor’s one of the leaders, thus, every team wants to establish itself in matches against us. No one wants to lose; no one wants to lose the pep in their step. Moreover, it often so happens that fatigue takes its toll.

Last year Traktor made one of the greatest comebacks in KHL history, turning around the seemingly lost game against Yugra when Traktor trailed 2:6 in the third. This season the team had a major comeback already in a match against Spartak (1:4 in the third). Which match of the two was more emotional?

The one against Yugra. It was the playoffs, and the match we salvaged was a turning point in the series. However, the game against Spartak was also a very emotional matchup; we did not give up and fought until the end.

You scored the game-winning penalty shot in that matchup. Was a deke you pulled off your ace in the hole?

Yeah, I’ve worked on it for quite a while. I pulled it off successfully against Spartak, but failed to do it against Donbass.

Is it now possible to win with nothing but team spirit?

Of course it is. The old adage that says ‘Discipline beats skill’ still works. If a team is a cohesive unit and is willing and ready to win, they can overcome anyone.

Dugin will find his place in the team

Was it your first time in Donetsk?


What’s your impression?

Great city, a very tidy one. The conditions of the hotel were also very good. Donbass is a great team in their own right; they also have a nice arena.

This season KHL has several new teams like Slovan, Donbass and Lev whose home is now Prague. Do they have a different style of play?

No, I would not say so. Lev, for instance, plays a swift and powerful game just like a lot of teams in the league. Anyhow, each and every of these teams are pretty good and hard to play against.

Share your thoughts on Dugin’s return to Traktor.

I am happy that Yegor is back. He’s a great guy; I wish him the best of luck. I am absolutely positive that he will find his place in the team.

This season everyone expects Traktor to eclipse the last year’s results. Any thoughts on this?

I agree that the objectives should develop according to the results. We are ready to fare better than in the previous season, and we CAN do this.

Traktor can win Gagarin’s Cup

When you began to play hockey, there was not plenty of equipment like there is now. Do you remember anything fancy your parents bought you?

No, I don’t. What I do remember is not everyone got all the necessary equipment. Someone did not have skates, someone did not have gloves. I always had sticks; they were made of pretty good wood and served for a long time.

Do you happen to visit the Traktor hockey school?

Yes, sometimes; usually to visit my father.

Does he give you any insights on the game?

Absolutely. We often discuss stuff, and he shares a lot with me.

What are your preferences in books, movies and music?

I don’t have any specific preferences in movies or music. As for reading, I don’t do it much, but I try to make myself do it. Last author that I remember reading was Boris Akunin, a very talented writer in my book, no pun intended.

What music do you like to listen to while driving?

The one that is on the radio.

You have had a birthday recently. What was the most memorable gift you received?

Quite frankly, I don’t remember. It is amazing that there are lots of those who remember about my birthday. I receive more and more congratulations with every passing year (laughs).

What is your ideal birthday?

The one that takes place on the ice (laughs).

Do you enjoy playing Xbox or Playstation?

I can’t say I’m a fan, but sometimes we would take a Playstation on an away series. We played soccer, even had tournaments of sorts.

Do you have any longtime dream or rather the short ones?

This year all of my dreams and aspirations are on the ice and with Traktor. We want to take the cup, and I believe we can do it.